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Maria will not be intimidated by the specter of the economy. As an entrepreneur, she chooses a different approach instead

Maria vil ikke lade sig skræmme af konjunkturspøgelset. Som iværksætter vælger hun i stedet en anden tilgang

Article in Berlingske Business Weekend on Saturday 18 November 023.

The article starts like this:

As a small self-employed person, it can be hard to paddle when the macroeconomic tide is against you. Maria Manel Bøge once got a piece of good advice from her father, which she can pull out when it seems like it's going to be a storm.
In the article, Maria says, among other things, about the external circumstances:

1️⃣ "It fills one's consciousness. After all, it affects both my business and myself as a private person. It is different compared to when I was an employee. You are simply more vulnerable as a self-employed person when it comes to income. The point is that you have bet your savings and lifestyle on your dream project. It is more than a financial blow if it goes wrong.”

She also says:

2️⃣ "It helps to be two years down the entrepreneurial path. There are just good months and bad months. You learn to accept that. For me, the approach has been to keep the long-term perspective. Yes, inflation, energy prices and consumer confidence matter. But I try to avoid fluctuations affecting my planning. If the big picture looks reasonable, then you have to continue to manage according to it.”

And finally:

3️⃣ "That's just the reality we're in. It can also be difficult to answer whether you would have sold more if there wasn't Covid, war, crisis or something else. I can relate to having a plan that I follow. I can relate to rational challenges that I can address myself. That's my approach, and I'm fine with it. After all, I can't do anything about the world being the way it is today."

Read the entire article here

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