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Preliminary program

  • Departure Copenhagen
  • Arrival and accommodation at hotel in Dhaka

Morning: Morning meeting and review of the day's program at the hotel

Morning: Visit to the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum

In the morning we visit the museum, which was formerly Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's house. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is known as the father of the nation and the house is today a museum that gives an insight into the pride, national feeling and love for language and culture that characterize Bangladeshi society.

Afternoon: Visit to a local market

We visit the local Gulshan market to get an impression of the local life in Dhaka. At Gulshan market, people buy their daily necessities, but there are also interesting shops for travelers with pearls, brass, leather and real local silk by the meter. You can also buy cheap glasses of good quality. We naturally taste what the street vendors offer. Everything is 100% freshly made, so it is completely safe to eat.

Evening: Cruise and dinner by the river

We end the day with a boat trip on the Sitalakka River, see Bangladesh from the water side and have dinner by the river.

Morning: Morning meeting and review of the day's program at the hotel

Morning: Visit to the Danish Embassy in Bangladesh

We visit the embassy and hear about:

  • The country's history, social conditions, economy, politics and culture
  • More than 50 years of trade and cooperation between Denmark and Bangladesh
  • The garment industry in Bangladesh and the working conditions in the factories
  • Conditions for women and children in the country

Afternoon: Visit to a textile factory

In the afternoon we visit a textile factory. Bangladesh is the world's second largest textile producer, and much of the clothing sold in Denmark is produced in Bangladesh. During the visit, you get an impression of production in the clothing industry and the working conditions at the large textile factories.

Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant

Morning: Morning flight to Saidpur in northern Bangladesh

Morning: Arrival, transport and accommodation in Saidpur

Collection and review of today's program at the hotel 

Dinner: Visit to Saidpur Enterprises

We visit Saidpur Enterprises, which is one of the organizations that Manelleh collaborates with. Saidpur Enterprises is a social-economic enterprise that employs and ensures decent, meaningful and dignified jobs for marginalized women. Here, the women receive a fair salary, annual bonus (dividend), pension and professional training. At Saidpur Enterprises, they make, among other things, new beautiful products out of old sarees.

Afternoon: Home visits with some of the women

We split into smaller groups and visit the homes of some of the women who work at Saidpur Enterprises. Here we get an insight into how the women and their families live and live - and not least what a difference it makes for them to have a good job. Home visits are a very special experience and often one of the experiences that is most personal and makes the biggest impression.

Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant

Morning: Visit to fair trade producer Bunon Kutir out in the countryside  

We drive about two hours outside Saidpur far into the countryside, where we visit Bunon Kutir, which is one of the organizations that Manelleh collaborates with. Bunon Kutir works to create jobs for women in the rural areas of northern Bangladesh. Here the women receive a fair wage and at the same time help preserve and develop old craft traditions. Here they hand-weave carpets and weave beautiful baskets.

Afternoon: Fly back to Dhaka

Evening: Arrival, transport, accommodation and dinner at hotel in Dhaka

Morning: Visit to Arla, which in Bangladesh is called Dano

We visit the Danish company Dano (Arla). We hear the Danish director of Dano talk about how it is to operate as a Danish company
I Bangladesh.

Afternoon: Shopping and gift shopping

Evening: Dinner and finish in the Nordic Club

The Nordic Club is a recreational space where we can collect the impressions of the trip and evaluate the trip together.

Morning: Morning meeting and review of the day's program at the hotel

Morning: Visit to fair trade producer Tarango

We visit Tarango, which is one of the organizations that Manelleh collaborates with. Tarango is a recognized fair trade organization that works to give women the opportunity to be independent and live a life free from e.g. poverty, prostitution, violence and discrimination. At Tarango, the female artisans make beautiful baskets and bags primarily from jute. All products are naturally colored and hand woven or braided. 

Afternoon: Visit to local NGO (Dhaka)

It is estimated that there are more than 1 million child laborers in Bangladesh. This afternoon we visit a local NGO (e.g. Save the Children in Bangladesh) to gain an understanding of the lives and conditions of children in Bangladesh. Here we learn more about child labor and get a nuanced perspective on the many dilemmas of child labor.

Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant

Departure from Dhaka and arrival in Copenhagen

Write to us if you want to hear more or sign up

Amager Boulevard
2300 Copenhagen S

Friday, May 10th

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